Tips For Working at Home!

During this time, many of us have had to work from home, here are some great tips to ensure you still feel great after a full work day at home!

Sitting at a desk:

  • Chair – Make sure your lower back is in contact with the back rest of the chair. If there is a space fold a scarf, use a lumber roll or towel and place it in the gap.  Make sure your feet are able to rest flat on the floor or are supported by a small stool. Keep shoulders back and chin tucked. 
  • Desk Height – It should be at elbow level. If you are using a laptop place some pillows on your thighs if you are sitting down to raise your laptop to elbow height. 
  • Computer Screen – It should be directly in front so that you are not rotating your neck and back when you look at the middle of the screen. If you are working on laptop for longer periods of time, use an external keyboard and try to the have the laptop screen at eye level.
  • Do not sit for longer than 1 hour without standing up and walking around for a few minutes.  This will help limit stiffness and pain from sitting too long.

Watching TV:

  • Make sure you are in a position where your back and neck are straight and well supported.  Cushions and pillows can help with this.
  • It is important to be in a good position in case you fall asleep. This will prevent twisting your neck and back and waking up in pain!
  • Try to position yourself so that the TV screen is directly in front of you so you are not twisting your neck and back to see it.


  • Walk 15-30 minutes 2 x day. Avoid crowded spaces and busy pathways if possible to maintain social distancing.
  • Don’t let friendly people pat your dog
  • Fresh air and sunlight are good for you making sure to cover sensitive areas

Recreational Activities:

  • Any form of exercise is a controlled stress to the body
  • Do things gradually, paint 1 wall or 1 ceiling at a time. 
  • Gardening is great activity however break it up into sections of work and complete one section at a time.
  • Cleaning and home maintenance should be delegated to the home family

Tips for Socializing with Social Distancing:

  • Virtual Museums
  • Card/Board Games
  • FaceTime with friends/family
  • Quiz about safe activities-washing hands regularly, avoid touching your face and sterilizing common surfaces