​​​Getting Medical Care and Treatment After a Crash | Allied Physiotherapy Clinic

​​​Getting Medical Care and Treatment After a Crash

It can be tricky to know what to do and what treatment you may need after a motor vehicle accident.  With ICBC’s Enhanced Accident Benefits, you can access services such as Physiotherapy free of charge on approved claims, no matter who is responsible for the accident.  Let us help you recover from your injuries.

ICBC Physiotherapy Process | Clayton Heights Physio Therapy

Seeing your ICBC physiotherapist

Our multidisciplinary clinics at Allied Physiotherapy Health Group will complete a detailed assessment of your injury and you will receive a treatment plan and customized exercise program to get you back on track to reach your pre- injury level of function. 

How do you find an ICBC Physiotherapy clinic that offers all the services you need and can bill directly to ICBC on your behalf?   Try googling “ICBC Physio Clinics” along with the area you live in such as Cloverdale, Panorama, Clayton, Fleetwood, Surrey, White Rock etc.  Remember to take a look at the google review of the clinics to find the best clinic suited for you. 

What treatments are covered by ICBC?

ICBC Treatments Covered | Clayton Heights Physio Clinic

Need long-term care ICBC Physiotherapist

Are you worried about running out of visits before you have recovered from your injuries?  Providers are able to request additional treatment directly from ICBC, it’s our job to help you get the treatment you need! At Allied Physiotherapy Health Group, our providers fill in a treatment plan for ICBC to support additional treatments to ensure you return to your pre-injury function.