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Shoulder Impingement

What is impingement?
When the structures (muscles/tendons/bursa) around the shoulder get pinched and/or inflamed between two bony surfaces.

• Repetitive overuse movements e.g lifting, throwing, pushing and pulling movements
• Overloading the shoulder, e.g. lifting heavy objects
• Poor posture and weak shoulder, neck and back muscles
• Traumatic Injury namely, motor vehicle accidents, falls and sports injuries

Signs and Symptoms
• Pain in the front or side of the shoulder
• Pain radiating down the upper arm
• Weakness or limited shoulder movement (e.g. raising your arm or putting your arm behind your  back)
• Clicking or catching pain in the shoulder area

Physiotherapy Treatment
• Education: correct sleeping and working positions.
• Pain/Inflammation: Taping the shoulder, gentle mobilizations, electrotherapy such as laser or ultrasound
• Range/Mobility: joint mobilizations, soft tissue release and
exercise therapy
• Strength/Function: shoulder blade stability and progressive function relating to sport and work tasks

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